Training Resources

Setting yourself – and your new rescue – up for success is important! We’ve compiled some resources to help you start off on the right paw with your new pup. Don’t worry! If you’re here looking for help with your not-so-new pup, these tips and tricks apply to you too. A dog is never too old to learn some new tricks, or adopt a whole new lifestyle.

5 Common Mistakes Adopters Make When Bringing Home a New Dog

Whether you’re adopting a puppy or a senior, this article illustrates some of the common mistakes new dog owners make that, unfortunately, often land the dog back at the shelter. We think it’s an important read for everyone considering a new dog.

Nothing In Life Is Free training guide

If you want a well-behaved dog, the NILIF program may be just what you’re looking for! Teach your dog to “work” for everything from food to going outside.

Bad Rap’s Training & Resource Guide

BadRap is a pit bull rehab facility on the west coast. The Training & Resource guide on their website is loaded with information about multi-dog households, including how to bring home a new dog and how to manage more than one dog successfully.

Dog Training by Kiko Pup

This YouTube channel can help you with everything from house training to simple tricks to nail trims and even advanced “fancy” tricks.